Monday, 2 April 2007

What were they thinking?

End of Day 1 presentations, and on the way back to Clare what do I see? This most foreboding building. In a place of such beauty what where they thinking? This is the Library of Cambridge University; one of the great libraries of the world. My deep aesthetic revulsion was confirmed when I was told that the building was used as a location for the Thought Police in a film version of 1984.

A group of us are going our to dinner. I'll try and bring some back in a doggy bag and if Zach scratches his screen hard he might get a taste...

Some compensating beauty:

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Zach Beane said...

Oi, you can't talk about beauty and leave a horrific red date & time stamp in your photos! My eyes! Ow! Turn it off! (That info is invisibly available in the Exif data, which can easily be processed by zpb-exif...)